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Bury Me Not

Take a boatload of eclectic instruments, big sing-a-long choruses and multi vocalists who can nail their harmonies, throw in songs that have more hooks than your grand daddy’s tackle box, and you get Pariah Beat’s sophomore effort, Bury Me Not.

Bury Me Not features 9 finely honed tracks that showcase the songwriting of Nick Charyk, Billy Sharff and Emily Eastridge. Recorded in Vermont with pit stops in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and South Carolina, the album took a full year to complete. The band is confident that the result was worth the wait.

“Before we started writing this record, Em, Billy and I talked a lot about the different music that excited us,” explains Nick Charyk.  “At some point along the way, we boiled it down to three different records: Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Dwight Yoakam’s Guitars and Cadillacs and Steve Earle’s Guitar Town.”  Seeking to bring the essence of what they loved about these records into a project of their own, Pariah Beat recruited some of New England’s most talented players to help bring their new songs to life.

Like a dirt-encrusted buzzsaw from the past, moving forward with the weight of a freight train behind it, Bury Me Not injects youthful vigor into a familiar genre. Neither a gimmick nor reenactment, Pariah Beat’s songs are intelligent, defiant, wry, and jubilant.


"This celebration of folk and barrelhouse songwriting is a specialty and there are so few bands in Boston that pull it off with as much fun and honesty as these people do..." - Joel Simches, The Noise Boston

“A concoction of inebriated fun, hearty emotions and salt of the earth freshness. They take traditional accompaniments and make rowdy, down home fun out of them" - Bootleg Magazine, Wilmington, NC

"Pariah Beat wields an arsenal of ferociously catchy made-for-drinking tunes fixed in Americana and gospel, yet delivered with punk vigor." - Barre Thompson, Boston's Weekly Dig

"Thetford’s gypsy outlaws compose a multigenre maelstrom that threatens to hijack Boston airwaves... the band’s versatile bards mine a century of iconic sounds." - Vermont's 7 Days

Nick Charyk: 603-359-4554


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